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Why does the Deck Exist?

Mainly, Scott was tired of having to drive more than an hour to enjoy a quality dining experience. We saw no reason why we couldn't create a relaxed and comfortable restaurant right here in Jerome. It seemed easy enough when it was just an idea....


Step One. Find a building

Well we found one, and boy was it a doozy, but after 8 months of renovations we completed that step. See renovation pictures here.


Step Two. Find a chef

We were extremely lucky to find our Chef, Thomas Hawkins. A friend of a friend of a friend situation put him on our door step before we even opened. He happened to be on an extended leave from his previous job at the Ritz Carleton in Naples, Florida.


Step Three. Open

Simple, right? Everyone should do it. We wish is was that simple, but we are truly enjoying ourselves and are at the restaurant everyday working hard to create an outstanding experience for everyone.

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