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2022 A Year For Reflection

As the world around us is deeply affected by Covid-19, our focus is now on innovation of food quality, flavor, packaging, and service with a fervor we can only describe as being motivated by true passion and love of what we do and for whom we do it.


October of 2021 marked our 10-year anniversary and while we had big plans for a big party, COVID had other ideas. We faced numerous closures, because of COVID, lack of staff and numerous other challenges. Then when we finally got our wheels under ourselves ended up closed most of the summer because of significant damage to our building. They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That may be true but we kind of came away from it with a bit of a limp!!


So 2022 marks the beginning of our 11th year here in Jerome and as far as we are concerned things are business as usual. We face new and unprecedented challenges with availability of staff, and even more disruptive is the availably of fresh seafood and products that are menu is built upon. So, moving forward our menus may be more transitive.

We will be cautiously expanding our hours, bringing back or expansive menu, and hoping to bring you live entertainment on the weekends.


We are actively balancing the best decisions for our Down Under team and our customers. We understand that you have come to us in the past for a good meal and a moment's pause during your busy lives. We firmly believe in our ability to continue to meet both of those needs; we just understand it may look a bit different moving forward. Perhaps that means you're eating our food at home or on a blanket in the McCourtie park. Or perhaps you're at The Deck enjoying our menu there with a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table and a mask on in between beers. Maybe you're even a guest at a house party and grab a pile of Styrofoam boxes full of sushi. In all cases, you will still be eating the food we pour our hearts and creative minds into and appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

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